Manufacture, Retail and Distribution of Traditional Penang Local Products

Other Products


Bandung Rose Milk Drink Premix, 20 x 30g

A refreshing drink traditionally made from rose syrup and milk, the characteristic pink beverage is well loved in Malaysia and Singapore. Bandung is now availbale in convenient premix sachets.


Durian Flavor, 200g Dodol

Traditional snack made from gula melaka and flour.

  • Durian Flavor, 200g
Coconut Flavor, 200g
  • Coconut Flavor, 200g
Agar – Agar 50g Agar-Agar

Made from premium grade seaweeds. A low calorie product that contributes to dietary fibre. Made into refreshing jellies and sweet desserts

  • Agar – Agar 50g
Agar – Agar 37.5g
  • Agar – Agar 37.5g
Agar – Agar 20g
  • Agar – Agar 20g
Glass Noodles, 100g
  • Glass Noodles, 100g

Also known as ‘Soh Hoon’. Made from beans and used in Asian cooking as fried noodles or added to vegetables.

Face Powder, 180g plastic bottle & 80g plastic bottle
  • Face Powder, 190g plastic bottle
  • Face Powder, 100g plastic bottle

Processed from rice grains and traditionally used as a cooling powder which, when mixed with water, is applied generously on the skin.

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