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Sauces, Paste & Condiments

Prawn Paste, 420g premium & 180g premium & 180g regular
  • Prawn Paste, 420g premium
  • Prawn Paste, 180g regular

Popularly known as ‘Heko’ or ‘Petis’. It is an exotic paste derived from shrimps. Especially used in local hawker dishes like ‘Penang Laksa’, ‘Chee Cheong Fun’ and ‘Rojak’, giving them a most flavorful taste.

Rojak Paste, 420g & Rojak Paste, 200g
  • Rojak Paste, 420g
  • Rojak Paste, 180g

Also known as Sambal Rojak. It is made using prawn paste cooked with chili, belacan and sesame seeds. Rojak paste is popularly used as a Malaysian style salad dressing or dip for a mixture of cut fruits and vegetables, roasted or boiled cuttlefish, which is then served with a splash of crushed peanuts!

Belacan, 225g Belacan

Made from fermented shrimp and used widely in South East Asian cooking especially Nonya dishes, spicy dips and curry dishes. Belacan is also popularly used to make delicious Belacan fried rice. Packed in metalized bag to preserve freshness.

  • Premium, 225g
Regular, 225g
  • Regular, 225g
Belacan Powder, 80g Belacan Powder

Belacan, which is roasted and grind to powder form, is also available in bottles of 80g each and sachet bags of 20g each.

  • Belacan powder, 80g
Belacan Chilli Powder, 20g
  • Belacan Chilli Powder, 20g
Belacan Chilli Paste, 190g
  • Belacan Chilli Paste, 190g

Also known as Sambal Belacan. Made from chilli and belacan and used as a spicy dip to accompany just about any dish as it improves appetites! Sambal Belacan is also used for frying vegetables like lady’s fingers and long beans.

Asam Laksa Paste, 200g
  • Asam Laksa Paste, 200g

Asam Laksa is a popular dish in Penang, sometimes known as ‘Penang Laksa’. Made from over 17 ingredients, this paste has made it possible to cook a meal of delicious Asam Laksa in just three simple steps!

'Kentucky' All-purpose Seasoning Flour, 200g
  • 'Kentucky' All purpose Seasoning Flour,
  • 200g & 900g

Popular premix flour for frying seafood and meat. Delicious, crunchy and crispy taste that's an all-time favorite. 

Sesame Oil, 630ml, 320ml, 140ml
  • Sesame Oil, 630ml
  • Sesame Oil, 320ml
  • Sesame Oil, 140ml

Made from selected black sesame seeds. It enhances the flavor of soups, vegetables and meat dishes. Believed to have nutraceutical benefits especially to improve the well being of mothers who have just given birth.

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