Welcome to CKC

CHEONG KIM CHUAN (C.K.C.) has its humble beginnings in Penang since 1937, operating from a single retail shop on the steps to Kek Lok Si Temple in Ayer Itam, Penang.

Over the years, it has established its brand and has become a trusted name in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. C.K.C. is known especially for the manufacture and sales of premium quality nutmeg medicated oils and nutmeg balm, preserved nutmeg fruits, nutmeg syrup, belacan and a host of other traditional Malaysian Food Products.

The golden bell logo is an established trademark which is recognized as synonymous with CHEONG KIM CHUAN’s commitment to quality and customers' satisfaction.

The company has since expanded to include 6 retail outlets in Penang and retail space in various shopping mall, a distribution and trading office in Kuala Lumpur and a Halal-certified and GMP accredited factory in Bayan Lepas.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To become the leading manufacturer of Malaysian Local Food Products, and to make C.K.C. brand a well-recognized brand both locally and globally.

Our Mission

To conserve, improve and promote indigenous Malaysian Local Food Products which we view as our heritage. We focus on marrying traditional goodness with modern food technology to produce innovative, market-desirable, great-tasting, safe and nutritious products at fair, affordable prices. We offer a people-friendly, enriching and rewarding place for our fellow colleagues.

"Tradition At Its Best", our motto, is the platform where customer satisfaction and confidence in our products were established over the last 80 years.

What We Do

Our Retail Outlets

Our retail outlets are designed to facilitate our staff to provide friendly assistance to customers. They are trained on our product features, including the origins and uses. Our participation in Food Fairs/Expo in Singapore have received overwhelming response.

Our Distribution and Trading office

In April 1993, C.K.C. established its roots in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, by taking over a small trading outfit. Since then, the company has expanded to buying its own warehouse, distribution lorries and extended its distribution to include Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Our Factory

From a backyard operation in Ayer Itam to an industrial estate in Bayan Lepas, C.K.C. has come a long way to its current status. Our factory is a certified HALAL and MESTI manufacturer, and production facilities are built to meet the GMP and HACCP requirements, a first for local products manufacturer in Penang.

We have a team of resourceful and experienced professionals who manage the operations with a corporate vision to grow the Company in the domestic as well as the export markets.

Research and Development

Our competitive edge depends on keeping abreast with current technological developments, acquiring new technology, and striving for continuous improvements to our products and processes.

We have established a laboratory to facilitate product and ingredient analysis and trained personnel to manage our quality controls and product safety in line with the principles of GMP and HACCP.

(GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice)
(HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System)

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