Other Products

Face Powder, 190g, 100g

A traditional product made from processed rice grains. When water is added, it forms a paste and is used as a cooling powder when applied onto the skin. It is popular with the old and young alike especially during hot weather conditions. Available in 100g and 190g bottles.

Dodol (Durian Flavor) 200g

Popular traditional snack with added durian flavor, handwrapped in distinctive pyramidal shape.

Dodol (Coconut Flavor) 200g

Dodol with coconut flavor added.

Agar-Agar Strips, 50g, 37.5g, 20g

Agar-Agar strips are made from premium-grade seaweeds. They are boiled with water and made into refreshing jellies together with added fruit pieces and/or coconut milk. Agar-Agar has low calories and are sometimes consumed for its dietary fibre. Available in sizes of 50g, 37.5g and 20g. 

Glass Noodles (Soh Hoon), 100g

Glass noodles are also known as ‘Soh Hoon’. They are made from mostly mungbean and when cooked, has a springy texture, popularly used in Asian cooking as fried noodles or added to mixed vegetables. Soh Hoon is also a popular ingredient in vegetarian dishes.

Nutmeg Marmalade, 235g

A unique fruit jam, made from real nutmeg fruits, with crunchy bites of nutmeg fruits. Contains no flavouring or colouring. Enjoy with toast, pancakes or crackers!